Willie Thompson

Executive Chef

Willie started his career at Dale’s Restaurant in Florence, AL in 1990. With hard work and a willingness to learn Willie quickly rose through the ranks in the front of house and moved into the kitchen where he really began to hone his skills. A quick study, Willie was soon promoted to Kitchen Manager and began a long career of serving some of the best cuisine in the Florence area. After nearly 21 years of service at Dale’s, the business closed and he moved to another fine dining restaurant in town where he was responsible for designing menus and creating signature dishes. 

We are extremely lucky to have Willie on board as part of the team.

Business Review article

Calling All Foodies!


Everyone is looking for help these days. Why be bored and work in a mundane job just for an extra dollar an hour? Join our team in Fizz and actually have fun at work! The better you are the more you make! We have a great team, a great restaurant with great food, and great music and events!

Enjoy food discounts after each shift and after 30 days – enjoy travel discounts at Choice hotels! We pay good wages and we are flexible with scheduling. Servers do not need experience – we will train you on the job. Start making money from day one! Call us today…. better yet – come see why…..

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